4   Teresa Dombrowski
​8   Janice Allen

14 Eloise Foltes

28 Judith Wells


1  Tina Jones

1  Maranda Eisen

19 Connie Taylor

23 Kim Flowers

25 Margaret Estes

27 Nancy Clyde



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Network for Enterprising Women

​​"Network" began in 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas by 3 local women to meet the need for support for working women.  They wanted to create a group with:
  • an atmosphere where women could support each other
  • a networking possibilities which includes a wide ranges of ages, interests, & backgrounds
  • a chance to talk and brag about accomplishments & successes
  • some informality and ease of operation.

"Network" continues to this day as a place for women to come in a pleasant, supportive, gathering where they can share ideas, skills and experiences in a non-judgmental, accepting environment.

​Network for Enterprising Women is a group of professional women who share interests in women related issues.

​Membership is open to women who wish to share ideas, skills & experience in a non-judgmental, accepting environment.  The group functions as an informal information network & a source of support providing personal & professional growth opportunities.