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5th----Lilye May

11th----Toni Allison

18th---Carolyn Goldsmith

27th---Georgette Lopez-Aguado

4th----Lois Teeples
13th----Camille Drinan

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​​"Network" began in 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas by 3 local women to meet the need for support for working women.  They wanted to create a group with:
  • an atmosphere where women could support each other
  • a networking possibilities which includes a wide ranges of ages, interests, & backgrounds
  • a chance to talk and brag about accomplishments & successes
  • some informality and ease of operation.

"Network" continues to this day as a place for women to come in a pleasant, supportive, gathering where they can share ideas, skills and experiences in a non-judgmental, accepting environment.

​Network for Enterprising Women is a group of professional women who share interests in women related issues.

​Membership is open to women who wish to share ideas, skills & experience in a non-judgmental, accepting environment.  The group functions as an informal information network & a source of support providing personal & professional growth opportunities.


Sue Churchill was an early client. When she came to me, she said, "Keiko, you need to come to this group called Network." I ignored her for about six or eight months. She kept calling me, and she came to pick up the lipsticks and whatever, and she said, "You’ve got to come." so one morning I decided to come, and ever since I am very much of a member. But the thing is that I set to go across the ocean to Japan to do other busi-nesses awhile, so sometimes I can’t be here. But when I come back, it feels wonderful to see the Network ladies. People come and go, but Network is always here. Keiko Couch

From N.E.W. Voices: Celebrating 20 years of Network for Executive Women.

Celebrating 40 Years of "Network"

1978 - 2018